Ducting hose connectors

Ducting hose connectors

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Hose connectors made of galvanized steel sheet with wall thickness of 0,4 mm. DN of the connector in outer diameter so it will match with hose withe the same inner diameter (example - you order hose diameter DN 100 mm. For connection you will need connector DN 100 mm. Also we recomende use hose clamp to fix the conection)

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The galvanized connectosr are mostly used as conestion between 2 hoses when one lenght of the hose is not enought and its neccessary extend the hose. To correctly fix the hose on the connector we recomende use hose clamp withi or without bridge. The clamp you can find in our offer.

All productes in this category is manufactures by us. Our galvanized joints are soldered with tin. The soldered areas could be curves.

In you have some special inquiry, please sen us a draw and we will make you offer.

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